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Love and Joy Blanket CAL 2021

Here we are, back again for the third year in a row with our winter mystery blanket! This year I’m happy to bring back some familiar faces along with some new designers.

If you haven’t followed along with one of our mystery blankets before I’m sure you are wondering what makes it a mystery. Well, every day for the month of December you can come to this page to grab a free PDF pattern for an 8×8 inch blanket square. Each pattern will be free for 24 hours only, after their feature day each pattern will be available at the price decided at the individual designer’s discretion. If you do not have time to ‘Hop the blogs’ each day you can purchase our PDF bundle at any time for access to all of the previous day’s patterns and access to each following pattern at pattern release. There is no early access as this helps keep the mystery of the CAL alive!

For this CAL you will need;

All you will need is 3 colours of worsted weight yarn of your choice. We went with; Red, Green and Gold.

Hooks will differ between pattern squares, so just make sure you check your gauge.

Here are the estimated amounts for what we used:

Red; 1000yrds

Green: 900- 1000yrds

Yellow: 900-1000yrds

Hooks: 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, or whatever hook you need to meet the pattern gauge.

I hope you all enjoy our Crochet Along, please join our Facebook group if you would like to get help on any of the squares or to share your progress so far!!

Click here to join the Facebook Group

Day 1: Bear Rye Crochet Popcorn Tree. By Claire of Bear Rye

It’s time for the first square of the season. Use code LOVE to get todays free square over on my Ravelry.


Don’t forget to tune in daily for a new free PDF download. If you would like to join in the CAL head over to our Facebook group to work through the patterns with other makers just like yourself.

Day 3: The Striped Moss Square by Erin of Juniper and Oakes.

Today’s Beauty comes from Juniper and Oakes Designs. Head over to her blog to find your link for today’s free download. Use code LOVEJOYMOSS on the link in here page.


Click here.

Day 2: Popcorn Gift Square by Claire of Bear Rye

Time for Day 2!! Sorry, they are out of order, but here it is. Head over to my Ravelry Store and use code JOY to get today’s square for free.


Click here for the free download!

Day 4: The Jolly Holly Square by Nicolle of Traveling Hook Creative.

It’s day 4 already! Use code ‘JOY’ to get the free downloadable PDF. Check out Nicolle’s blog here to get the link to her Ravelry account.


Day 5: The Holiday Gnome Square by Jessica of Moras Crochet

Ok, but isn’t he cute? For today’s square, you do not need a code. The PDF is up for free all day in Jessicas Ravelry Store. Click here to learn more about Moras Crochet and to get the link for today’s square!!


Day 6: Celtic Chain Heart by Crazy Cow Creations

Here is the lovely Celtic Heart by Betheny. Head over to her Ravelry today and use code ‘Celtic Heart’ to get the free PDF download Click here to find out how to get the pattern.


Day 7: The Christmas Joy Square by Jacqui of CatKitBob

Here is today’s square, this beautiful flower design that has all the Christmas vibes. Use code JOY directly on Jacquis blog cart. The square is also available on Ravelry as an automatic discount.

Click here to find today’s square.


Day 8: Hearts Full of Love by Debby Pincumbe

Today’s square is by the lovely Debby Pincumbe, Head over to her blog page here to learn about this new designer.

Use code FAMILY on her Ravelry to get the pattern for free until 8 am EST 12/8/21


Day 9: The Holiday Reindeer Square by Jessica of Mora’s Crochet

Todays Reindeer is the second of Mora’s crochets designs! To get the information for this square make sure to scroll all the way down her blog post.

You can use code RED in her Ravelry to get this PDF for free today only 12/9/21 8 am until 12/10/21 8 am EST


Day 10: The Christmas Granny Square by Barbara of BFancy

Today’s gorgeous square is bought to us by Barbara of Bfancy designs. Head over to her page and use code ‘GRANNY’ to get your pattern for free today.

Use code GRANNY over on my Ravelry.


Day 11: Christmas Angels Square by Jo of Jos Crafty Hook

Jo today has made this adorable mesh pattern. How cute is it that they look like little Angels?

Head over to her blog here to find her Ravelry link. Use code LOVEANDJOY to get today’s square for free today only (12/11/21) EST

Click here to find out more.

Day 12: The Star of Wonder by Rashmi of SaiASmi – Dreamz in Yarn

Our next square is this adorable Star-shaped Granny. Head over to Rashmi’s blog and use code Wonder to get your free PDF today only.

Click here


Day 13: Hope, Love Peace and Joy by Jessica of Jessica Paz

How cute is this square? I love the use of colours in the pattern! Head over to Jessica’s blog to get the free PDF pattern for the next 24 hours (8 am 12/13/21 EST until 8 am 12/14/21 EST)

Use code JOY to get your free PDF

Click here

Day 14: Holiday Ornament Square by Jessica of Moras Crochet

Jessica has made another adorable c2c square to add to our blanket! Head over to the link below to learn more about Jessica and get you free PDF for today. Use code ‘LOVE’ to get your square for free today only 12/14/21-12/15/21 8 am EST


Click Here for your square

Day 15: The Joyful Square by Pam of Pams Cozy Corner

Today’s square encompasses the overall feeling of this wonderful CAL. Head over to Pam’s blog and use code ‘FREEJOY’ to get the pdf download for free, today only (12-15-21 until 12/16/21 8 am EST)

Click here for your pattern.


Days 16-31

Thanks for following along this far everyone! For days 16-31 the lovely Faydra of Knottie Hooks will be hosting these on her website. Head over there for the following squares.

If you missed any of our previous squares or would love to support our great designers for bringing you this fun event for October, click below to learn more about the Bundle. It is only $10USD for all 31 patterns. That is only 32c per pattern.

If it isn’t in your budget to purchase the bundle, or if you followed along thus far, you can still support all our designers in these FREE, no-cost ways.

  1. Join our Facebook group to share all your blanket makes. We love seeing what everyone is making and would love your feedback on the patterns!
  2. Share the CAL on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!
  3. Follow us on Social Media
  4. Sign up for our mailing lists to hear about new patterns and CALS.

13 thoughts on “Love and Joy Blanket CAL 2021

  1. Hi, this is so fun, thank you so much for this!
    I am not sure if its just me but Day 3 Moss square code does not work. Help is appreciated, thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, these are great!!

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  8. Hello. I just want to tell you that I am enjoying this CAL. It’s so much fun to seek out and find the new pattern of the day. Today’s pattern was a variation of the granny square but very pretty! (I am so fond of granny squares)
    I just want to thank you for your efforts to put this event together and to give us these beautiful patterns to work on and create a special blanket.

    1. Thank you so much! We love that you are enjoying them. Feel free to join our Facebook group so we can make together!

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