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Oh Christmas Tree

Here is my second square for the Hope in the Holidays CAL. I really liked creating this design and spent some time choosing my colours. If you want to join in the CAL head over to the main page here. I can’t wait to see everyones colour combinations!

What is the Hope in the Holidays CAL?

Throughout the month of December we will be giving you the opportunity to download each pattern as it is released for the first 24hours. After that period each pattern will cost between $1- $1.50 through the designers personal page. But if you don’t feel like you have time to follow along with the blog hop daily, or if you have missed out on any of the patterns don’t worry. We have put together the option to purchase all of our patterns together in one convenient bundle for a limited time.

If you would like to join in on the CAL and receive your pattern for free today. Click the button below.

Oh Christmas Tree

What Do I need?

For all the squares in our bundle the lovely people over at WeCrochet were kind enough to donate the yarn to all our designers so we could bring you this CAL. We will all be using Mighty Stitch worsted weight yarn.

This Square uses the colours, White (Colour A), Chocolate (Colour B) and Spruce (Colour C)

Hook: 4mm hook I used my Furls Streamline hook. If you suffer from wrist pain these hooks are invaluable!

Notions: Yarn needle, stitch marker, measuring tape, scissors.


4x 4= 16sts by 20rows

After grabbing your coupon code head to my ravelry here to purchase the pattern for free.


Ch. Chain

Sc. Single crochet

A: Colour A

B: Colour B

C: Colour C

Pattern Notes

  1. All stitches will be done in SC.
  2. After a colour change carrying the yarn under your stitches is the easiest way to switch between the colours.
  3. The written pattern will be abbreviated as ‘A13, B5’, this translates to ‘single crochet 13 in white, single crochet 5 in Chocolate.
  4. Every row will start with a ch 1.

Written Instructions

In Colour A (A), ch 34. 

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc across. Turn (33sts)

Row 2: A33. 

Row 3: A33

Row 4: A7, B3, A13, B3, A7 

Row 5: A7, B3, A13, B3, A7

Row 6: A1, C15, A1. C15, A1

Row 7: A2, C13, A3, C13, A2

Row 8: A3, C11, A5, C11, A3

Row 9: A4, C9, A7, C9, A4

Row 10: A5, C7, A9, C7, A5

Row 11: A3, C11, A5, C11, A3

Row 12: A4, C9, A7, C9, A4

Row 13: A5, C7, A9, C7, A5

Row 14: A6, C5, A11, C5, A6

Row 15: A7, C3, A13, C3, A7

Row 16: A6, C5, A11, C5, A6

Row 17: A7, C3, A13, C3, A7

Row 18: A8, C1, A15, C1, A8

Row 19: A33

Row 20: A33

Row 21: A33. 

Row 22: C33

Row 23: C7, B3, C13, B3, C7 

Row 24: C7, B3, C13, B3, C7

Row 25: C1, A15, C1. A15, C1

Row 26: C2, A13, C3, A13, C2

Row 27: C3, A11, C5, A11, C3

Row 28: C4, A9, C7, A9, C4

Row 29: C5, A7, C9, A7, C5

Row 30: C3, A11, C5, A11, C3

Row 31: C4, A9, C7, A9, C4

Row 32: C5, A7, C9, A7, C5

Row 33: C6, A5, C11, A5, C6

Row 34: C7, A3, C13, A3, C7

Row 35: C6, A5, C11, A5, C6

Row 36: C7, A3, C13, A3, C7

Row 37: C8, A1, C15, A1, C8

Row 38: C33

Row 39: C33

Row 40: C33. 

Cut long tail to join to other square. Finish.

This Blanket Square is part of the Hope in the Holidays Blanket CAL. Head over to to get the rest of our squares.

Don’t forget to tag your makes in Ravelry as well as using #bearrye, #bearryecal and #hopeintheholdayscal on Instagram and Facebook so we can all see your lovely makes. 

3 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

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  2. I just paid for the Hope in the Holidays Bundle – how do I get the patterns? I just feel like I was scammed.

    1. Hi Susan. You will recieve two emails from sendowl. One showing you your purchase and one showing you how to download the patterns. If you cannot find these emails message me directly at and I can resend the link to your downloads.

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