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Basketball Backpack

Good Morning everyone, How are your Autumns going so far? Like I have said before I love Autumn and Winter way more than Summer. Its coming close to the Holidays now and I’m sure everyone’s looking for Christmas presents to crochet, and even Halloween crochet patterns to help with those costumes. This bag is written in two sizes, so would be the perfect Halloween treat bag for all ages!

This pattern is not only for Halloween, it will make the perfect gift for a child and was made as part of Operation Crochet Shoeboxes, a crochet-along that is running from September to November on the Desert Blossom Crafts blog. To learn more and join the crochet-along, click here.

Would you like to make this pattern for Charity?

The amazing Rachel from Desert Blossom Crafts has kindly set up a charity CAL, running between September and November. Each week there will be two giftable patterns, made to fit inside a shoebox; one boy pattern and one girl pattern. This Crochet Along is helping to give to the Operation Shoebox Charity, to learn more about the charity and how to join the CAL, head over to the CAL post here. If you do not have time to participate in a CAL right now, you can also buy a discounted bundle of all the patterns included which proceeds will go straight to the charity.

The Mini Basketball Bag!


For the original pattern I used Red Heart Super Saver Held Double

Colour A: Carrot, Colour B: Black. if you cannot get ahold of Red Heart in your country you can alternately try;

For a hook I always use my Furls Streamline as it helps with greatly with my carpal tunnel. You will need a 7mm hook for this project.

Other notions you will need are: Yarn needle, stitch markers, measuring tape and scissors.

Remember you can download the ad free PDF in my Ravelry Store.


To keep the sizing right it is important to stick to the gauge, try doing a swatch and go up or down a hook size if needed.

4×4’ = 10sts x 18rows


This pattern is written for two sizes

Small:  8inches x 10 inches

Medium: 9 inches x 15 inches

The pattern is written with the two sizes shown at the end of each row as

S (M)


Ch. Chain

Sc. Single crochet

St. Stitch

Special Stitches

The Thermal Stitch: This stitch is detailed in rows 1-3, if you need more help following along here is a great tutorial for the stitch.

Set up

Using two strands of Colour A, Ch 37 (47).

Row 1: Starting in the 2nd Ch from the hook sc in every stitch in the row. (36, 46sts)

Row 2: Join end to the first st in the row. Ch 1, Sc in the back loop only (BLO) of each st across. (36, 46sts)

Row 3: Ch 1, Join in the round, turn. For this round you will be working in both the back loop of your current stitch, and the front loop left from row 2. This stitch will be referred to as the Thermal St from now on.

Thermal st in each st across. (36, 46sts)

Row 4: Ch 1, Join in the round, turn.  Thermal st in each stitch across. (36, 46sts)

Row 5: Repeat row 4 until you reach row 44 (66), or until the bag is roughly 10inches in length.

Row 44 (66): Holding the two halves of your work together, thermal st both sides together across the row. This is to create the bottom seam. Tie off and sew in your ends.

Adding the basketball markings.

You should be left with a rectangular pouch with only one opening at the top. Now it is time to create your basketball markings.

Step 1: Using Colour B, attach the yarn in roughly the center of the top opening of the bag. Using surface st you will be creating a straight line directly down the center of the bag.

Do not cut yarn when you reach the bottom as now you will be turning the bag over and working straight up the other side of the bag. Bind off and cut yarn.

Step 2: Turning your bag sideways, find the midway point and create another straight line running horizontally through the bag on both sides, the pattern will now resemble a cross. See photo below.

Step 3: Going back to the front of your bag reattach the yarn roughly two sts in from the corner. You will now need to create a diagonal line pointing towards your center line. Once you are roughly 5 rows down the bag start straightening the line to run parallel with the original center line until you reach the horizontal line across the bag. You will now need to mirror this as best you can on the lower half of the horizontal line.

Step 4: When you reach the end of this line, do not cut. Instead you will now curve your surface st around to the other side of the bag. Now repeat the same procedure for making your curved line on this second side. Bind off and cut the yarn.

Step 5: Repeat the previous two steps to make the curved line now on the right side of your bag.

Adding the straps.

Step 1: For the straps cut 6 40inch strands of orange and 6 strands of orange. Using 3 strands of each colour tied at the top, braid them together to make your strap. Do not tie the ends together yet. You will need to do this twice.

Step 2: Take your first strap with the unfinished end. Right at the top of the bag you will see the stitching below the very first row of Sc has enough space to thread your strap through. Proceed to weave the unfinished end of the bag strap through these stitches. You will only want to weave the strap through half the top of the bag.

Step 3: Tie a double knot in the end of the unfinished end.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the second strap.

Step 5: Taking the other end of each strap, using a yarn needle, sew each strap to their opposite sides of the bag.

Step 6: Returning to the top of the bag, cinch both sides of the bag together making sure to pull the excess length of the strap through the front. Tie these two ends together using a double knot.

There you have it, your mini basketball bag! Do not forget to tag any of your completed makes to @bearrye, or #bearrye so I can see your creations!! Once again, if you would like to join in our CAL, or simply buy the bundle of patterns to help donate to a good cause this holiday season, head over to Desert Blossom Crafts to learn more about Operation Shoebox.

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