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Neutral Washcloths

Today I am proud to be releasing this beautiful crochet Washcloth which is part of my bathroom series. This pretty cloth has the perfect texture to help with exfoliating and cleaning. Although the stitch looks complicated it is actually a really fast repeat which makes it perfect for beginners.

Materials Needed

For the above-pictured washcloths, I was gifted Dishie by We Crochet. I have to say this yarn is beautiful cotton for durable cleaning products!

The colours pictured above are Swan and Linen.
Dishie is a 100% cotton worsted weight (4) yarn. I would recommend anything being used for
washcloths or cleaning, in general, being 100% cotton.

If you are planning on making stripes, you will need at least two colours.
Colour A: 109yrds
Colour B: 46yrds
The left washcloth is made with Colour A: Swan, Colour B: Linen
The right washcloth is made with Colour A: Linen, Colour B: Swan

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