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Sampler Scarf

It is time! The absolute beginner Sampler Scarf pattern I’ve been working on is here. I remember when I first learnt how to knit all I was taught to create were simple squares of fabric that never became anything more than just a way to keep a child’s hands and brain busy. Did you have a similar experience? Well, when I learn’t how to crochet from my childhood friend Laura (of the Specky Seamstress) she first taught me granny squares and how such a simple thing can become much larger! This square became the beginnings of the first blanket I ever made, which I still use to this day. This concept is what made me fall in love with crochet.

This scarf came about because I wanted to create a project which can be completed as part of a series of beginner classes. Most classes I have seen offered teach you how to either make a pot holder or a phone case, which lets just say is very simplistic and although definitely a good teaching tool does not teach variety of stitching. This scarf starts with the simplest of  crochet stitches and advances through what some might consider your first advanced beginner stitches, such as front post dc. 

I think this scarf shows how simple crochet can be and how with just a little bit  of variation in stitches you can create some amazing texture that would make the beginner want to stay around for more. As I said before this was originally a pattern written for absolute beginners, so if you yourself are a beginner it can be a good starting point for your first wearable project. Or even if you would like to teach using this pattern please feel free, although I do ask that you support this resource by purchasing the ad free PDF version of my pattern over at Ravelry.

Onto the pattern!
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To create the scarf pictured I used Red heart Super Saver in Burgundy and Saffron. 
To purchase this yarn you can visit my affiliate link here to go to Love Crochet. They have 56 colours of super saver to choose from! Or if you would like a more spring/ Summer friendly scarf I would recommend using cotton yarn. Two good ones are Paintbox yarn Cotton Aran or Lion Brands 24/7 cotton
You will need:
2 Colours of worsted weight yarn (or up to 10 colours if feeling adventurous)
6mm hook,
Needle for sewing in ends,
and Scissors.
Ch. Chain
Dc. Double crochet
Hdc. Half Double crochet
Sc. Single crochet
St. Stitch
Tr. Treble crochet
Starting with Colour A:
Row 1: Chain 21, starting in second ch from hook sc in each chain across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 2-5: Sc in every stitch across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 6-9: HDC in every st across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 10: HDC in every st across. Ch 2, turn. (20sts)
Row 11-14: DC in every st across. Ch 2, turn. (20sts)
Row 15: DC in every st across. Fasten off, leaving a short tail to work over. (20sts)
Attach Colour B:
Row 16: Ch1. HDC in every st across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 17: HDC in every st across. Ch 4, turn. (20sts)
Row 18: Skip the first st, dc in the next *ch1, skip the next st, dc in next st. Repeat from * Across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 19: Sc in every st across. Ch 4, turn. (20sts)
Row 20: Repeat row 18.
Row 21: Sc in every st across. Ch 5, turn. (20sts)
Row 22: Tc in every st across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 23: Sc in every st across. Ch 4, turn. (20sts)
Row 24-26: Repeat rows 18-20.
Row 27: HDC in every st across. Ch 1, turn. (20sts)
Row 28: HDC in every st across. Fasten off, leaving a short tail to work over. (20sts)

Like this pattern so far? Try one of these patterns;

Attach Colour A:
Row 29: Ch 2, DC in every st across. Ch 2, turn. (20sts)

Row 30: DC in first st, Front Post DC in next st, Back Post DC in next st. Repeat * until last st. DC in last st. Ch 2, turn. (20sts)
Row 31: Repeat row 30, ch 1, turn.
Row 32: HDC in every st across. Ch 2, turn. (20sts)
Row 33- 43: Repeat rows 29-32 3 more times ending on row 31.
To get the perfect length for your scarf repeat the three colour blocks for as long as you would like. To achieve a scarf that wrapped around the neck once the pattern would be repeated three times.
So what do you think of the Sampler Scarf? Any beginners out there tried?
When you have finished your scarf don’t forget to share on instagram with #bearrye , create a project on ravelry or tag me @bearrye on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. If you have any questions on the pattern please don’t hesitate to ask.
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