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Triangular Headband – Free Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern Triangular Headband

Triangular Headband – Free Crochet Pattern

Wow its getting warm this summer! I’m still not used to the heat New York has to offer. Well, it’s time for another free crochet pattern. Here is the Triangular Headband. I love this pattern because it has such unique shape to it. This gorgeous design is the perfect addition to any summer outfit, as usual this headband is made from 100% cotton yarn! Once again I have decided to use Paintbox yarns DK cotton. To get the yarn you can find it here. Using this link helps support me to make more free patterns.

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Yarn Paintbox Cotton DK
Hook: 4mm
Notions: Yarn needle, stitch marker, measuring tape, scissors stretch magic elastic.
4×4’ = 18 by 9 rows of 2 row repeat.
Ch. Chain
Dc. Double crochet
Hdc. Half Double crochet
Sc. Single crochet
St. Stitch
Pop. Popcorn stitch= Yarn over (YO), insert hook YO, pull through YO, insert hook one more time, YO and pull through all loops on hook.

This pattern has been written using both the foundation row setup and the standard chain set up. If you want to ignore the foundation set up, go straight to the chain set up and begin from there. If you would like to use the foundation setup, start there and then go directly to row 2 leaving out the chain set up.

Foundation Crochet Row Set up
Foundation Hdc for 96sts, join in the first stitch of the row. (96sts)
Chain Set up
Ch 96, Join in round.
Ch2, Hdc in every st around, join in round (96sts)
Row 2: Ch2, *DC, ch3, skip next 3 sts. (pop, ch1, sk1) Repeat 4 times, ch3, sk3*. Repeat * around. Join in round.

Row 3: Ch2, DC in next 2 sts *ch3, sk3 (pop, ch1, sk1) Repeat 3 times, ch3, sk3, dc in next 3sts*. Repeat * around. Join in round.
Row 4: Ch2, DC in next 3sts *ch3, sk3 (pop, ch1, sk1) Repeat 2 times, ch3, sk3, dc in next 5sts*. Repeat * around. Join in round.

Row 5: Ch2, DC in next 4sts *ch3, sk3 (pop, ch1, sk1) Repeat 1 time. Ch3, sk3, dc in next 7sts*. Repeat * around. Join in round.
Row 6: Ch2, DC in next 5sts *ch3, sk3 (pop, ch1, sk1) Ch1, sk3, dc in next 9 sts* Repeat * around. Join in round.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Enjoy your new headband! Now you have finished don’t forget to tag #bearrye in your photos and tag me on Instagram and Facebook @bearrye!!

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