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10 Crochet Tees for Summer

Summer Tees Crochet Pattern Roundup

Ten Crochet Tees for Summer

Are you still looking for a top to crochet to satisfy that Summer feeling? Don’t worry you still have time before Autumn is here. Check out these awesome Summer Crochet Tees.
Summer Tees Crochet Pattern Roundup
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Hi everyone, it’s been a very strange summer so far. With the virus keeping people indoors it’s hard to feel like its Summer in our air-conditioned homes. If you are like me you are probably still making some winter wear you started last September when you swore it would be ready to wear for the snow! With that in mind, I decided to gather and share my favourite fast Summer shirt makes that would be ready before the season changes. Most of the Crochet Tees are made in a nice airy texture making them good for early Autumn also.
This post is the first in a series of roundups, aimed to bring you some beautiful new patterns from your new favourite designers. If you want to be alerted to when a new round up releases sign up to my newsletter here.


Free Crochet Tee Patterns

1. Crochet Summer Romance Tee, by Blue Star Crochet
Crochet Lace T shirt
To start our round-up I have chosen the Summer Romance Tee by the lovely Veronika. This top is made in two easily seamed flat pieces so is super fast to knock out in a couple of days. I love the fit of this lacy top and how complex it looks. Head over to the Blue Star Crochet blog to see the free pattern, or to support the designer by purchasing the downloadable pattern.

2. The Peplum Summer Top, by Knitting with Chopsticks

Crochet Peplum
How beautifully simple is this Peplum design by Hortense? This design looks like the perfect wardrobe staple for Summer. A beautiful crochet tee, made originally in cotton yarn it will be super breathable while looking super feminine. Get the free pattern over on the Knitting with Chopsticks Blog.

3. The Marielle Lace Tee, by Sincerely Pam

Our third top is part of a larger set of designs. Love the stitch pattern but don’t want a tee? Head over to the Sincerely Pam Blog where you can find patterns for children’s size Marielle, the Addy lace Cardigan as well as a lovely Slouch beanie and shawl!

4. The Sizzling Summer Top, by Crochets by Trista

Trista definitely knocked it out of the park for her first garment design. The simple eyelet repeat is very easy to follow along, with minimal chances of frogging! Go get the pattern over on the Crochets by Trista Blog.

5. The Shelby Top, by Desert Blossom Crafts

 Shelby Lace crochet top
Ok, so I may be biased when it comes to anything purple, but look at how gorgeous Rachels lace is! I love how flowy this shirt is, and even more, it was made with Darn Good Yarn Linen yarn. Head over to Desert Blossom Crafts to get the free pattern.

6. The Two-Tone Tee with Ties, by Crochet with Mary Beth

Crochet Tied Shirt
This next tee seemed so unique to me, the idea of tying two different fabrics together to create one piece is so pretty. Made mostly from dc’s the garment makes up super fast, and with that two-tone effect, the colour choices are endless! get the free pattern from Mary Beth over on her blog.

7. The Wandering Free Summer Top, by A Crocheted Simplicity

Summer Crochet T Shirt
This next one is a personal favourite. The simple repeat and lines of this tee make it gorgeous as an everyday top and a party top for Autumn. The construction of the sleeves also makes it super breathable in hot weather. Get the free pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity here.

8. The Yuma Tank, by Needle Klankers

Lace Crochet Tshirt
Once again we have such beautiful colouring and really simple construction. The Yuma Tank goes up to 5X in sizing so makes for a really versatile pattern. Head over To the Needle Klankers site to get the free pattern.

Premium Crochet Patterns

I couldn’t resist these patterns, so I have added in two beautiful premium patterns. If you have liked any of the patterns so far today, please support the designer by purchasing their printable patterns. Each is available through their individual blogs. Remember every purchase helps designers to continue to offer free patterns on their sites.
9. Carnival Glass, by Sati Glenn
Keyhole Crochet Tee
My first premium design is by the lovely Sati Glenn. Colour choice is key to making this lace piece into a work of art. Head over to Sati’s Ravelry to purchase the inexpensive pattern.

10. The Butterfly Trails Top, by Crystalized Designs

Lace Tube top
The last pattern in our round-up is so pretty. If you are looking for a modern or unique piece this top is definitely ticking both those boxes. Head over to the blog to get your premium pattern.
Summer Tee Free Crochet Round up
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  2. […] this post and looking for some patterns to try? Check out the Summer Tee Roundup for my favourite summery crochet […]

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