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Front Post Double Crochet- Tuesday Tutorial

As promised here is the next tutorial in our new series. This week’s guest teacher is the lovely Kristen from Hooks, Books, and Wanderlust.  She will be teaching us how to do a simple Front Post Double Crochet today. This technique makes for an amazing texture that can be used in so many ways. Check out the free crochet tutorial below.

Front Post Double Crochet Pin

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Featured Crochet Tutorial

Hello, my fellow yarn enthusiasts! I’m Kristen, the heart and hands behind Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust blog. I am a wife, #boymom, and a breast cancer survivor. I enjoy everything crochet, reading past my bedtime, and traveling as much as I can.

After teaching myself how to crochet when I was pregnant with my youngest son six years ago, because I wanted to make him a baby blanket. I never expected I would love crochet as much as I did. But once I picked up that hook, there was no turning back. Less than a year later, I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, and I had a whole new reason to crochet. I made myself SOOOO many hats and scarves and a couple of blankets as well.  Now I like to share my love for all things crochet, reading, and travel over on my blog. I also love to help others learn how to crochet!

Front Post Double Crochet

I can’t wait to teach you the Front Post Double Crochet stitch today!

Post stitches are used to create a variety of patterns and textures in crochet. Like cables, ribbing, or more decorative raised patterns.  They are worked around the post of the stitch from the previous row, as opposed to the normal method of working through the top ‘V’ of the stitch.  There are both front and back post stitches for all the basics: single crochet, double crochet, etc. But today, I will be showing you the more common Front Post Double Crochet (you’ll see it abbreviated in patterns as FPdc).

I chose this tutorial because as a beginner, it is a perfect way to build on the basics to create interest. It’ll be great practice so that you can make my Alpine Dreams Beanie or the soon-to-be-released Alpine Dreams Cowl on my blog!

What you need

Before we can get started, grab these items:

  • Practice yarn: I recommend using a light color that isn’t a shade of white so that you will be able to see your stitches best.
  • Hook: Take a peek at your yarn label and see which hook size they recommend for your yarn.
  • Skills Needed: chain stitch (ch), double crochet (dc)

Set Up

Go ahead and ch 22, then dc into the second ch from your hook and into each ch across (20 dc).  And just for funsies, and to give you something a bit more substantial to hold on to, ch two, turn, and dc in each stitch across (20 dc).  You should now have two rows of good old double crochet.  Time for the fun to start!

“Front” post indicates from which side of the fabric you should insert your hook around the post, which in this case means inserting it from front to back.  For the FPdc, you will work a double crochet by inserting your hook from the front of your fabric, around the back of the post of the indicated stitch from the previous row, then back out the front of your fabric.  This will push the stitch forward, or to the front of your fabric as it is facing you.

The “post” of your stitch is the long vertical part that you can see when viewing the fabric. Basically, all the stuff underneath the top ‘V’ you would usually work into.  See the first picture below.

To work around the post, you will utilize the space between the posts of the stitches from the previous row.  You’ll start with a yarn over (yo), just like any other dc, then insert your hook in the space before the post you intend to work. Behind the back of the post, poke your hook back out through the space after the post you are working.  Next, you’ll yo and pull that loop back the way you came behind the post and pull it up through the space just before that post.  From there, you’ll dc as normal: yo, pull through the first two loops, yo, pull through the last two loops.  See the pictures below.

Front Post Double Crochet
Step 1 Front Post
Step 2 Front Post
Step 3 Front Post
Step 3b Front Post Double Crochet
Front Post Double Crochet Tutorial

If you would like to see this stitch in action, you can watch my video tutorial below.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and if you would like to put what you learned to use, be sure to check out my Alpine Dreams Beanie pattern. Or even my recent blog post featuring other patterns that use the FPdc.  While you’re there, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the upcoming release of my Alpine Dreams Cowl, which will also use this stitch!

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How did you enjoy our second tutorial? Kristen will be back again next week to teach us all the Back Post Double Crochet. Sign up to my mailing list here to be the first to see new tutorials. If there are any techniques you would love to see leave a comment or join our Facebook community and join the discussion. If you missed the first tutorial in our series, click here to see the DragonSkin tutorial.

Enjoyed this post and looking for some patterns to try? Check out the Summer Tee Roundup for my favourite summery crochet patterns!

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Tuesday Tutorials: Dragon Skin Stitch- A Crochet Tutorial

Hi Guys, today I’m starting a new series of featured crochet tutorials, every other Tuesday (sometimes more) I will be hosting another designer to teach you lovely folks a new crochet stitch or crochet technique. Our first guest teacher is Caleb from Crafting at the Poole who will be teaching a modified crochet stitch he has used to create multiple designs. Check out the free crochet tutorial below.

DragonSkin Crochet Stitch Tutorial Pinterest Pin
Don’t forget to save this pin to access the crochet tutorial whenever you want!

Featured Crochet Tutorial

Hi, I’m Caleb! I’m an 18-year-old entrepreneur who loves designing. My patterns are simple, quick, and use big yarns in bright colors! I started crocheting back in 2015 when a friend from church urged me to try picking up a hook and taught me the basics. I’ve built on that, and am now an accomplished crocheter, and currently trying to get my friend from church to pick her hook back up! 

I started Crafting at the Poole so I could fix the lack of fun super bulky and jumbo crochet patterns that are not blankets! (I’m not a huge fan of crocheting blankets.) I love to teach others to crochet, and I hope to release crocheting courses in the future! For now, I’m practicing my videography skills uploading videos on my YouTube, and posting on my IG. I enjoy walking in the rain, baking cakes, and discovering new big yarns!

DragonSkin Crochet Stitch

The Dragon Skin Stitch

I chose this stitch because I am soon to be releasing a beanie pattern that uses it! If you want to follow along with me, you’ll need;

a skein of Bernat Velvet, (I’m using Vapor Grey) and a 4.5 mm. crochet hook. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial if you want to put what you learned into action check out my two new patterns, the Dragonskin Beanie and the Fluffy Floves Fingerless Gloves. Alternatively, if you would like to see more videos like this, subscribe to me on youtube here!

If you just want to learn more about me, come subscribe to me on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and visit my blog! Also, you can get my Jumpin’ Jellyfish pattern for FREE by signing up for my email list here! Thank you so much to Claire for letting me take part in such a great series!! I hope I’ll be seeing you all very soon! Good luck!

I hope everyone enjoyed our first Tuesday Tutorial! If you did, subscribe below to be the first to know when I new tutorial releases. If there are any techniques you would love to see in this series leave a comment below or join our Facebook community.

Enjoyed this post and looking for some patterns to try? Check out the Summer Tee Roundup for my favourite summery crochet patterns!