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Tuesday Tutorials: Dragon Skin Stitch- A Crochet Tutorial

Hi Guys, today I’m starting a new series of featured crochet tutorials, every other Tuesday (sometimes more) I will be hosting another designer to teach you lovely folks a new crochet stitch or crochet technique. Our first guest teacher is Caleb from Crafting at the Poole who will be teaching a modified crochet stitch he has used to create multiple designs. Check out the free crochet tutorial below.

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Featured Crochet Tutorial

Hi, I’m Caleb! I’m an 18-year-old entrepreneur who loves designing. My patterns are simple, quick, and use big yarns in bright colors! I started crocheting back in 2015 when a friend from church urged me to try picking up a hook and taught me the basics. I’ve built on that, and am now an accomplished crocheter, and currently trying to get my friend from church to pick her hook back up! 

I started Crafting at the Poole so I could fix the lack of fun super bulky and jumbo crochet patterns that are not blankets! (I’m not a huge fan of crocheting blankets.) I love to teach others to crochet, and I hope to release crocheting courses in the future! For now, I’m practicing my videography skills uploading videos on my YouTube, and posting on my IG. I enjoy walking in the rain, baking cakes, and discovering new big yarns!

DragonSkin Crochet Stitch

The Dragon Skin Stitch

I chose this stitch because I am soon to be releasing a beanie pattern that uses it! If you want to follow along with me, you’ll need;

a skein of Bernat Velvet, (I’m using Vapor Grey) and a 4.5 mm. crochet hook. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial if you want to put what you learned into action check out my two new patterns, the Dragonskin Beanie and the Fluffy Floves Fingerless Gloves. Alternatively, if you would like to see more videos like this, subscribe to me on youtube here!

If you just want to learn more about me, come subscribe to me on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and visit my blog! Also, you can get my Jumpin’ Jellyfish pattern for FREE by signing up for my email list here! Thank you so much to Claire for letting me take part in such a great series!! I hope I’ll be seeing you all very soon! Good luck!

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