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Welcome to Bear Rye

Hi guys!

Hello, Hi, Welcome, thank you for joining me on my new journey! You might be thinking “oh, another crochet/ knitting blog, what’s so different here?” Well I’m not going to claim to be ground breaking, but I do want to share my passion with the community.

I have always struggled with finding patterns to work on and make for the warmer months, or even for just sunnier climes. You always see these gorgeous lace products in stores and I can’t help but think “I could make that, why buy it” and then all you can find online seems a little outdated.  With this blog, I aim to bring every one free and paid patterns for simple and intermediate modern projects to keep us busy year round. These will include summer wear, shawls, home decor and baby wear, because of course baby wear will always be classic and a year round winner! So if you are looking for year round makes, I hope you will follow along with my blog where I aim to release new content weekly, including through those summer dark days in the yarn crafts community.

If you would like to know about the new weekly content first please hit the subscribe button below.

For our first free pattern I have decided to release the Little Boy Blue hat.

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